Special Discount for Non-profits & NGO by Ananya SEO Services

Discount of up to 75% for Charities, Non-profits

Small and Medium Business Enterprises do not have the bandwidth or resources to do full fledged Digital Marketing. They manage to maintain a website and have a token presence in social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

As a business owner or Chief Marketing Officer, you know the importance of and profit potential of marketing your business through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing (paid Ads). The big digital agencies charge a bomb and you are concerned about managing multiple small agencies or freelancers for managing the various aspects of Digital Marketing.Realizing the need of SMEs, Ananya SEO Services, a full service Digital Marketing Agency, offers an integrated package. It includes all the essentials of internet marketing.

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Currently we are offering 75% discount to non-profits in India, those who offer free assistance to the poor, disabled, elders and other needy sections of populations.
Anand Rao
Anand Rao

Many small NGOs and charities operating in smaller towns do not have knowledge of how important digital marketing is, much less how to go about getting a website developed. Often they get short-changed by local IT vendors who charge them high fees to develop a very basic website, which is not even SEO friendly.

These small NGOs lose out on opportunities to attract funding, donations and volunteers online.

Ananya SEO Services has worked on digital marketing with NGOs like Maya Organics in Bangalore and SERUDS in Kurnool. Maya Organic works with lacware cluster in Channapatna, Karnataka to produce high quality wooden lacware toys, handicrafts. SERUDS runs an old age home, crèche for daily workers and an orphanage.

Interested not-for-profit organizations, NGOs and MFIs may contact Ananya SEO Services agency with a brief profile of their organization to avail of this attractive offer.