Comprehensive Social Media Management (SMM) for small & medium businesses

If you have dismissed SMM so far as being ineffective for your business, it is time to think again. In a recent survey sponsored by Social Media Examiner of marketers in both B2B and B2C businesses, the top two benefits cited by over 75% of participants of social media marketing are increased online visibility and web traffic.
Search Engines, particularly Google have been aggressively fighting spamming. Links can be manipulated, and they have learnt to look beyond links to social signals and brand reputation.


Have we caught your imagination? Talk to us to explore how you can listen to your customers, attract prospects, and manage your social reputation.

Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Create social media marketing objectives and goals
  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Create or improve your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Research competition and Gather social media marketing inspiration
  • Create a content marketing plan and a social media content calendar
  • Test, evaluate, and adjust your social media marketing plan

Social Media Objectives :

We brainstorm and arrive at key objectives, which could look like this :

  • Increase awareness
  • Reach a new audience
  • Boost engagement
  • Increase traffic to the site
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Lead generation


Apart from analyzing native engagement metrics of each social platform, we need to set up business KPIs which will measure success.

  • Social Media Engagement Metrics : users reached, impressions, engagements organic/paid (likes, shares, comments), demographics
  • Website visits
  • Track clicks on post Links
    Conversions :
  • No. of subscribers
  • Lead submissions
  • Sales
  • Contributed Social
  • Conversions, Last interaction, Social Conversions

Facebook Marketing

  • Improve your Facebook Page
  • Add Custom tabs if feasible to Facebook Page
  • Study demographics and arrive at brand voice
  • Suggest engaging posts from your blog and industry, and native posts and videos
  • Integrate with your other social media streams : Twitter, Instagram
  • Drive actions : signups, purchase, events
  • Post regularly as per content calendar & Post at best times
  • Manage Facebook advertising campaigns, retargeting for better conversions
  • Respond to comments, messages
  • Analyze strategy and refine

Twitter Marketing

  • We will create or revise your Twitter account, and set up custom background image.
  • We will tweet content provided by you on your behalf and build your group of followers.
  • Link your Facebook Page and YouTube Channel so that any Facebook posts or Videos uploaded will automatically tweet to your followers.
  • Provide “Follow Us” link code to be included on website.
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LinkedIn Marketing

  • We will establish your LinkedIn Profile and manage it.
  • We will establish connections with other key LinkedIn members; post messages on your behalf and begin to generate leads and referrals.
  • Link LinkedIn Profile to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; Connect with suitable Linkedin Group.
  • Provide “Connect” link code to be included on website.
  • Use promoted posts to generated followers and drive traffic to website.