Mobile App Marketing Services

We will leverage digital marketing to grow your mobile application

Strategic Mobile App Marketing

Grow  App downloads, User Engagement, Reduce Churn

App landing page

Having a landing page is a critical mobile marketing strategy that allows users to
learn more about your app on mobile web and desktop.
Use the landing page to tell your app’s story, and explain to potential users what it
brings to the table.This is a cost effective method where SEO (Search Engine
Optimization) can be used to attract new users..

app store optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of improving your app’s visibility in
the App Store and Google Play Store. This is critical to your user journey because
even if your campaign directs a large number of potential users to the App Store,
your app still needs to be well-presented to complete the install.
Comprehensive app description, select right category and keywords, Include
Videos and Screenshots, research competition.

social media marketing

Social media platforms can do wonders for any app marketing strategy because
you’re taking your campaigns to where your target users spend an average of 134
minutes every day.
Create social media profiles. Posting and advertising (promoting posts) on
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


We will do SEO for your website that is designed to promote your app. SEO
includes selecting keywords, SEO Site Audit, page optimization, and link building.
Google Webmaster, Google Analytics Installation & monthly reporting

Paid user acquisition campaigns

Paid user acquisition is the practice of bringing new users to your app through
paid ads. This strategy requires you to set up campaigns and adjust your ad
spend over time for best results. We will set up and manage - Google Ads’
Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

Track and Monitor KPIs

Track Analytics Metrics : Downloads, Active Users, Daily, Weekly and Monthly
(DAU, WAU, MAU), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Install (CPI), Click-
Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Average Session Length, Retention Rate
and Churn.