Microfinance Consultant in Bangalore

MicroFinance Consultant & Trainer – S Lalita Rao

Lalita Rao is an NGO, development banking and microfinance consultant.

She has over 30 years of experience in the banking and microfinance industry (see profile below). She has worked with Industrial Development Bank of India, Small Industries Development Bank of India and Ujjivan Financial Services P Ltd on full time basis, and has been a consultant to many Microfinance Institutions.

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Over 30 years of experience in the banking and microfinance industry

Lalita Rao is a top management professional in the microfinance industry with over 30 years of experience in microfinance and development banks.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Bachelor Degree in Science.

She can provide the following services for a microfinance institution, whether a running institution or a start-up :

Business planning

Develop business plan for MFIs, which would include :

Vision statement, goals and strategy
Organisation structure

Market strategy : competition study, product design, pilot and testing, launch
Business Plan
Loan Products, policies, and Policy Manuals
Implementation and Mentoring

Implementation of the Business Plan of the organization

Complete supervision and hand-holding support

Ongoing mentoring of the business heads, as well as auditors so that the organization is well run
Loan portfolio audit
Training to the audit staff
Mentoring the Audit Head, as well as audit team
Writing out a detailed Audit Manual, as well as preparing Audit Format for easy reporting


Training on Microfinance, and complete training for Branch Staff on Loan processes
Origination to recovery

Sales and Promotion training [both classroom, and hands-on, in the field]

Training in Financial Analysis for Individual Loans, to MSME


As Assistant General Manager in Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) she was responsible for :

Appraisals, follow up and monitoring of MFIs
Appraisal and follow up of Project Finance to SSIs,
Bills Discounting Department
HR and administration.

She was Head of Audit of Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. from November 2008 till June 2010

For 3 years, she was a consultant for a project in India, with Women’s World Banking [WWB], New York.

She was on the Enforcement Committee of Microfinance Institutions Network [MFIN, India], as independent member. MFIN has SRO [Self Regulatory Organisation] status.

She is also a lay Counselor; she counsels persons with depression, stress, marital discord, etc., at a free psychiatric clinic [Samadhana Counselling Center] in Bangalore. She has been associated with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, Bangalore, for many years.

She is Portfolio Auditor certified by Micro Save.

As a microfinance consultant, she has handled :

✅ Internal audit [designing customized audit process for Group Loans and Individual Loans in Microfinance Institutions]

✅Diagnostic study, and recommendations, on the loan process

✅Sales and Promotion training [both classroom, and hands-on, in the field]

✅Training in Financial Analysis for Individual Loans, to MSME

✅ Designing micro credit program for small NGOs

✅Reviewing loan processes, and policies, and preparing detailed Manuals

✅ Pilot implementation in one branch and direct supervision till new product is rolled out

✅ Advisor to MFIs on the overall functioning, and planning

You may reach out to her in the following ways :

✅ Fill the introduction form

✅ WhatsApp on mobile number +91 9632500307

✅ Email lalita9 (at) gmail.com


Microfinance Industry is going through unprecedented challenges today.

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