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We help Recovery from Google Penguin Update & Manual Penalty

SEO recovery for Google Penguin Panda

The year 2012 was cataclysmic for webmasters and SEO. Google rolled out multiple updates to its search algorithm in quick succession and sometimes in parallel. These were aimed to make search experience more relevant to users and weed out low quality and spam sites. Business owners and webmasters were left reeling at the impact, as many watched their sites plummet from page 1 to beyond page 10 or even disappear from SERPs for high traffic keywords.
There has been a lot of buzz on webmaster forums and search engine blogs on how to assess what impacted the affected site and how to recover. No one has a clear answer or an easy solution. It is puzzling and frustrating to be told your site has been impacted by EMD (Exact Domain Match update), while you watch your competitor sites with domain name matching keyword continue to rank in first page.
Google sent out over 700,000 unnatural links warning messages to Webmasters in 2012. Many such warnings also came with manual penalty, which demoted the affected sitye’s rankings.
Ananya SEO Services has launched a range of advanced SEO Services designed to help affected websites :

  • Diagnose the why a website was negatively impacted
  • Link profile audit
  • Google Penguin Update recovery services
  • Recovering from unnatural links warning and manual penalty of Google.
  • Link building services for 2013
  • Copywriting services to create original viral content and syndicate it

Diagnosing what caused your site to tank is a complex issue due to overlapping dates of updates and defining what constitutes spam. Penguin Update targeted webspam, which decreases rankings for sites that are violate Google’s quality guidelines such as manipulative links. Link signals deemed to be spam include paid text links using exact match anchor text, comment spam, guest posts on sites with poor reputation, article marketing sites, and links from link farms. Sites with manipulative Anchor Text Diversity have also been penalized.
Ananya’s Link Audit services will analyze a site’s link profile using multiple backlink tools. Links will be analyzed to isolate bad links, and suggest strategy to recover from Google penalty. We will identify links that need to be reviewed and those which need to be removed.
The root cause of fall in ranking could also be due to links being devalued by Google. Though Google has not confirmed it, it appears it is devaluating poor links on a continuous basis. Our Link building services will acquire links from relevant sites in same industry domain, and is based on advanced techniques developed post the Penguin update.
Ananya SEO Company specializes in Search Engine Marketing, SEO and PPC Ad management. The company is based in Bangalore and boasts clients in India, USA and UK who have benefited from its expertise