Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

When should we start SEO for our website?

You can start SEO right from the time you are developing a new website. The SEO foundation starts right from the time you have acquired a domain and are developing the website. At this stage keyword research, writing optimized content for pages, navigation, etc. need to be done. We can start writing blog posts even as site is getting developed, about the company or brand launch, store locations, press releases, and more so that customers know what to expect. Correcting a poorly designed website is harder than building in SEO in the planning stage. Your website can be listed in Google My Business and local directories, so that authority is built even before site is ready.

I already have an SEO agency doing SEO. How to evaluate the Agency if they are doing good SEO?

Do you get monthly detailed reports? Do they ask you for anything or involve you? Have you noticed drop in rankings or organic traffic? For more, please read What are the signs that your SEO agency is not doing its job?

How long does it take for SEO to get my keywords to the first page of Google?

Many SEO agencies promise to bring your keywords to top rankings in Google in quick time. Do not fall for such false promises : it is quite impossible for anyone to guarantee first rank or first page ranking for keywords quickly. It takes sustained work over a long time, sometimes over a year to reach there. In fact, keyword rankings are dynamic and keep changing depending on location and device of user and over time. Even if an SEO does succeed at pushing your site to the first position, if solid SEO work in terms of content, high quality links, etc, is not done, your rankings will soon start falling and will end up worse off than before.

What activities will you do for SEO?

Our SEO Services includes keyword research, site architecture review, content writing, on-page optimization, link building, social media optimization, web analytics. Read about SEO Process here.

Will you do regular search engine submissions?

It is a myth that you have to submit your website to Google, Bing and other search engines to be discovered and appear in results. Google became a domain registrar in 2015, and wil know as soon you register a domain, even before your site is live. Hence there is no need to submit your url to Google. We do submit sitemaps of all the urls to Google and Bing.

What would be required from the client during the project?

To start, we need access to your website (log in access to the content management system), Google Webmaster & Analytics login credentials, keywords you want to target. We will discuss with you to get inputs from your niche, and write fresh content, which you would review and approve.

How much do you charge? Do you have SEO packages?

We offer affordable search engine optimization SEO packages to small and medium businesses, starting from USD 300. We offer up to 75% discount to non-profits in India, those who offer free assistance to the poor, disabled, elders and other needy underprivileged sections.

Where is your office in Bengaluru?

We are located at No. 49, 2nd Main, Arakere MICO Layout 1st stage
Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru.