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Bing Battles Google with visual appeal and Facebook updates

On December 15, 2010 Bing announced major updates to Bing search, centered around richer Facebook integration and visually organized experience. For an SEO company, the feature of most interest is how your company’s Facebook presence influences SERP.
When the partnership with Facebook  was launched in October, your ranking in organic search results was not impacted. The only new feature was that  if you search for a keyword  and one of your friends on Facebook has liked one of the articles that shows up in the search results, you will see their picture next to that result.

Now Bing has tweaked its algorithm. When you search a keyword, Bing finds out  what your Facebook  friends are interested in, finds stories they have liked via little “Like” buttons all over the net, and then inserts that into the top results — even if that link would not have appeared in SERP. This feature is currently only available in the US.

Leverage Social Media for SEO

SEO is changing rapidly, and one of the biggest forces driving those changes is the increasing importance of  social media. Search engines  change to deliver increased user satisfaction.
In Google’s case, this is measured by click-through rates, low bounce rates, and a variety of other metrics. Google’s sources for this data include: Google Analytics, the Google Toolbar, Custom Search Engines, and user behavior within the search engine itself.
With Bing and Facebook pushing new and innovative ideas, such as such as Bing Social Layer : Facebook “Liked By Your Friends” feature integrated into Bing organic search results  the pressure on Google is enormous. (more…)

Bing Search now leverages Facebook’s Social Data

In April 2010, Facook announced three social plugins: Like, Activity and Recommendations plug ins, Open Graph Protocol, and Graph API.
Facebook “Liked By Your Friends” feature is now integrated into Bing organic search results. To see the integration at work, you have to be logged into your facebook account.  When you search in Bing, depending on the search terms, you could see a new Liked By Your Friends section within your search results. In this, you will see links which have been “Liked” by your connections or friends on Facebook.

Impact of Google Changes on SERP – Mayday and Google Instant

Google May Day Algorithm Change
A major change in Google search algorithm took place in May 2010. The algorithm has been tweaked for long tail queries such that higher quality sites appear in SERP.
Individual long tail queries would not provide much traffic, but in aggregate can provide a significant amount of traffic. Large sites with product pages that would not have individual links into them, be several clicks from the home page or be hidden behind search forms (dynamic pages), and may not have unique and value-added content on them would be impacted. Smaller sites with good or even better unique content, but with few incoming links, and attracting little traffic should be benefited. (more…)

SEO for Bing and Yahoo post merger by Ananya SEO Company

After Yahoo and Bing announced their partnership for PPC advertising and organic search services in 2009, the landscape of internet search engines, their ranking order and nature of SEO work required of webmasters has changed dramatically.
Up till now, webmasters had to contend with four major search engines – Google, Yahoo, ASK and MSN. With the release of Microsoft’s Bing in 2009, the market shares Google and Yahoo went down by few percentage points. In July 2010, comScore reported  Google share of searches in US at  65% with Yahoo far behind at 16.7%.
Microsoft’s Bing search engine got 11 percent share.
In August 2010, Bing and Yahoo announced the transition of search infrastructure of Yahoo to Bing for results in English in North America – U.S and Canada. Users in these two countries will see ‘powered by Bing’ in small point size when they search in Yahoo  for Web pages,  image, and video on both desktop and mobile devices. The two companies, Yahoo and Bing, have not announced roll out dates for other countries, but by the year 2012, expect search queries in Yahoo to be driven by Bing index for all countries. (more…)